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Tara House of Stylez

Providing natural hair, hair loss, and makeup services

Natural Hair

African American women are searching for simple and healthy ways to grow and manage natural hair, such as; transitioning from permed hair to natural hair, utilizing natural hair products, and wearing alternative natural hair styles.

Natural hair requires patience, perseverance, and self confidence. Remember that hair doesn't specify who we are as African American women, but it's an expression of our culture and ethnicity.

I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within "India Arie"

Hair Loss Practitioner

As an Hair Loss Practitioner our goal is to identify the issue, restore hair loss, prevent hair loss, and to treat hair loss.          

Professional Makeup

African American Women are redefining what makeup means to them. To apply makeup means to create art that will enhance a women looks, but not lose focus on the clients over all beauty.